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Mi para siempre inesperado
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Land of Gods
Here With Me
A Cold Dark Place
Tribulation and Truths
Salvation and Secrets
Loyalty and Lies
Irresistible Attraction
Tacet a Mortuis
The Broken Puppet
The Silver Swan
Shameless King
Fire in His Blood
Just a Boyfriend
Long Shot

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A Fire in the Flesh
it was amazing
This book took me on a rollercoaster of emotions in this gripping third installment of the Flesh and Fire series. From the very start, I was hooked, eager to unravel the complexities of Sera's world. Armentrout's storytelling prowess shi...
With This Woman
it was amazing
In this emotionally charged tale of love and redemption, I was completely enraptured by Jesse and Ava's tumultuous romance. From Jesse's perspective, we witness his desperate attempts to shield Ava from his troubled past, only to have th...
What the River Knows
it was amazing
Immersed in 19th-century Buenos Aires, I journeyed alongside the determined Inez Olivera, driven by the enigma surrounding her archaeologist parents' demise in Egypt. Inheriting their wealth and an ancient ring, Inez's quest led her to C...
Made & Marred
really liked it
This book whisked me back into the mesmerizing world of Evaline Manor, where her magical journey takes an unexpected turn after her daring escape. Samantha's storytelling prowess shines as the tale resumes from the heart-stopping cliffha...
Pine River
it was amazing
by Tijan
This book took me on a rollercoaster of emotions right from the start. This is Ramsay's journey as she navigates the challenges of high school life and a complicated romance with Scout Raiden. Their intense chemistry and love-hate relati...
My Soul to Take
really liked it
Listening to this story was an emotional rollercoaster that left me utterly captivated. Meg Anne's story delves into the anguish of a fallen angel, Maisie, whose sin was falling in love. As she navigates her eternal damnation, her encoun...
King of Greed
really liked it
This story held so much promise, and while it didn't completely meet my expectations, there were still elements to appreciate. Dominic Davenport, the Wall Street titan, and Alessandra's story, though flawed, offered glimpses of a compell...
When a Dragon Falls
really liked it
Lennie, a courageous female dragon shifter, fights against prejudice and political pressures, determined to prove her worth. Amidst the looming threat of the Brotherhood of the Sun, she crosses paths with Bran Morris, a former rogue seek...
The Girl I Once Loved
it was amazing
This story captivated me from the very first page to its poignant conclusion. This second installment of the Love & Hate Duet, penned by the brilliant CR Jane and Ivy Fox, is an emotional rollercoaster of love, sacrifice, and redemption....
Close Call
really liked it
I got immersed in Jameson Hill's complex world, where love and redemption collide. Jameson, a man with a troubled past, grapples with accepting love and stability, while Lily Hayes fights fiercely for their relationship. After Lily bails...
Twisted Obsession
it was amazing
I immersed myself in a gripping tale of amnesia, obsession, and dark romance. Melody Cameron, a woman with no memory of her past, is taken in by a distant relative in Denver. Enter Jacob Rhodes, a handsome hockey player whose mysterious ...
The Hotel Manager
really liked it
This story is about Teagan, a resilient young woman, who becomes entangled in her brother's dangerous affairs, leading her to collaborate with Mason Grant, the hotel's enigmatic manager. Despite Mason's gruff exterior, a compelling conne...
Knot for a Moment
really liked it
This story swept me away into the enchanting world of omegaverse romance. Sloane, a passionate ballet dancer, discovers her mate five years ago but keeps it a secret, leading to a whirlwind of emotions. Devyn Sinclair weaves a tale fille...
She Was Mine First
it was amazing
This story took me on an emotional rollercoaster that I couldn't put down. From childhood friends to lovers, Ethan and Livvy's story is heart-wrenching and beautifully written. I felt every twist and turn as they navigated the complexiti...
The Rake and the Rose
really liked it
I was immersed in the world of Regency London, following the intriguing relationship between Rose Digby and Alexander Markby, the sixth Earl of Derby. Rose, a passionate pamphlet writer, is determined to expose the rakish behavior of cer...
The Dragon Shifter's Mates: The Complete Series
really liked it
In the steamy paranormal romance series, Serenity (Ren), the last dragon shifter, discovers her supernatural abilities on her 21st birthday. Kidnapped and introduced to the existence of shifters, she learns that her destiny is to unite t...
Shadows Ascending
really liked it
I was enthralled by the captivating storyline and the exceptional narration provided by Sarah Puckett and Time Paige. Their skillful rendition of the audiobook was truly commendable. Sarah Puckett's portrayal of Lorelei was outstanding; ...
The Serpent and the Wings of Night
it was amazing
I immersed myself in a world where survival is vital for humans and vampires. Oraya, the orphaned human daughter of a powerful vampire king, embarks on a dangerous journey by entering the Kejari tournament. She also allies with Raihn, a ...
Knot Your Damn Omega
really liked it
In this captivating tale, I stepped into the world of Esme, an Omega artist living in the shadow of her famous twin sister, Eva. Struggling to find love amidst her sister's fame, I empathized with Esme's rejection by alphas who coveted E...
it was amazing
In this riveting audiobook finale of the Salacious Players' Club series, I immersed myself in the enigmatic world of professional Domme Eden. Voiced by the talented Muffy Newtown, Joe Arden, and Maxine Mitchell, the characters came to li...
Knot So Lucky
it was amazing
The story swept me into a whirlwind of Vegas craziness and steamy romance. Eleanor's wild night with Crew, the charming quarterback, was hilariously reminiscent of "The Hangover." Trilina Pucci's humor had me laughing uncontrollably, but...
My Boyfriend Is a Vampire
it was amazing
This book swept me into a captivating world of paranormal romance. As a pre-med student, Hazy Florence's encounter with the enigmatic vampire, Godric Hawthorn, led to a whirlwind romance filled with humor, passion, and unexpected twists....
Knot All that Glitters
really liked it
This story follows Petra and her struggle for freedom from her influential family's expectations. As an Omega trapped in societal constraints, her chance encounter with an Alpha bodyguard unraveled a thrilling tale of love and self-disco...
A Court This Cruel & Lovely
really liked it
This story swept me into a world where gods strip humans of magic to protect them from fae, and corrupt individuals like Prisca face death. Prisca's tale, filled with bravery and resilience, took me on a rollercoaster. Encountering Loria...
Flight Risk
really liked it
This book is a compelling tale that gripped me from the first page. H haunted by his family's tragedy, Jameson Hill kidnaps Lily Hayes, a strong-willed law student, in his quest for revenge. Their unlikely connection and the clash betwee...
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