All Too Well by Steph Macca

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I know all too well the pain and torture of love…

After my breakup hits me from out of the blue, I’m left in pieces – wondering where it all went wrong.

It’s another strike to my self-esteem, coupled with the job from Hell and seventeen dollars to my name.

When I find myself trapped in the flood waters of St. Devil’s Creek, I think it can’t get any worse. The last thing I expect is to be rescued. But I am – in more ways than one.

We always promise to protect our hearts from love, but after each massacre, we silently hope that we are wrong. We cling to the possibility of our happy-ever-after.

But that’s the thing about new beginnings. Sometimes they are life lessons in disguise.

They say you have three great loves in your lifetime.
What are the chances I’d meet all three great loves in the same year?

All Too Well is Book 1 – Lust in the Deadly Sinners Collection. This book can be read on its own and is a completed standalone. While the main female character has multiple potential love interests, it is a heart breaking journey that ends in a M/F HEA.


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