Hard to Fake by Piper Lawson

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It’s not every day you ask your older brother’s teammate to be your fake boyfriend. But desperate times call for gorgeous, impulsive measures.

Miles Garrett is a pro basketball player with a heartstopping smile and infamous cocky charm.

But to me, he’s always been more than a celebrity. Miles is the guy who puts friends and family first…and my college crush.

When my sorority sister decides to bring my ex to our reunion, I need a plus-one who can have my back and save my pride. Asking Miles is the perfect solution.

Until he raises the stakes for both of us.

He says he’s only playing to win. He’ll be the best fake boyfriend I’ve ever had.

But his gaze hunts mine across a crowded room. He protects me with a fierceness that steals my breath. Our just-for-show kisses ignite a wildfire inside me.

I’m fighting feelings that have been simmering for years. Soon our pretend relationship starts feeling dangerously legit…

Because it’s hard to fake what’s always been real.


  • teammate’s little sister
  • brother’s best friend
  • fake dating
  • pro athlete hero
  • cinnamon roll hero
  • he’d do anything for her
  • sassy heroine
  • college crush
  • only one bed

Hard to Fake is a pro basketball romance with banter, spice, and all the swoony vibes. It’s the first book in the Denver Kodiaks series. Miles and Brooke’s story continues in Hard to Take.

Want even more Denver Kodiaks? Read the King of the Court series for Clay and Nova’s story! (It is NOT necessary to read King of the Court before reading Denver Kodiaks):

  1. Game Changer
  2. Shot Taker
  3. Play Maker
  4. Game Day


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