A Little Naughty (Be Still) by Tia Louise

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I wasn’t planning to propose to Raif Jones, the bad boy from the wrong side of town.
The one with the tattooed muscles, naughty blue eyes, and dimpled, James-Dean grin.

You see, it all started with a series of bad decisions.
First was flirting with a dangerous criminal to rescue a little girl I didn’t even know.
Second was throwing a massive, masked gala in my small-town hideout (complete with drag queens) and not expecting to draw attention…

Then Raif rode in on a motorcycle and melted my undies (and my heart), saying he wouldn’t let anybody hurt me.
Of course, I asked him to marry me.
Imagine my surprise when he said yes.

We’re a little naughty and a lot hot, and the perks of being married are very… perky.
They’re perky in the shower, on the kitchen table, against the front door…

Until Bad Decision #1 tracks me down (thanks to Bad Decision #2), and my outlaw husband turns Alpha Protector, risking everything to keep us safe.
It’s just a marriage of convenience. It’s supposed to have an end date.
But when the dust settles, walking away from Raif Jones could be the worst decision I’ve ever made.

(A LITTLE NAUGHTY is a small-town, marriage of convenience romance with single-mom vibes, a protective hero, no third-act breakup, and light suspense. No cheating. No cliffhanger.)




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