A Sword of Shadow and Deceit (Mortal Gods Book 1) by Lucinda Dark

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Desperation makes warriors of captives.

The Gods split the skies and rained down tyranny upon the mortal realm long ago. Ever since then, the only thing worse than being human is being of Divine Blood.

For someone like me—an undocumented God child, indebted to the Underworld Assassination Guild—that means only one thing: A life in the shadows.

Or so it should have been … until Mortal Gods Academy. Until them.

The Darkhaven Brothers are truly the worst of all the Gods’ spawn. Arrogant. Wicked. Violent.

To them, I’m nothing more than a human plaything meant for torment. For me … they’re the path and the key to my freedom.

But if any of them find out who I am, what I am … even the shadows won’t be able to save me.

*Please note this is a DARK Fantasy Romance with themes of a dark nature, death of loved ones, and other various themes that may be triggering. Please check trigger warnings and read responsibly*



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