Being Chased by Harper Bentley

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Citadel Executive Protection (CEP): New York City’s top-rated security agency that hires and assigns only the best of the best for each case. When New York City’s elite are being terrorized, Julia Cooke’s father hires CEP bodyguard Chase Murphy to guard her. Chase takes all his assignments seriously and knows the danger of each situation. In addition, he needs this job to continue his education to achieve his ultimate goal of practicing law one day. How could he know the biggest danger this time would be guarding his heart? 
Julia Cooke is a young professional who’s convinced that her multimillionaire father’s only concern in having her guarded is to protect his money. Julia is immediately attracted to Chase, but his strictly-business demeanor puts her off. Just how is she supposed to ignore the handsome man responsible for her well being? 
When a beautiful woman and a hot bodyguard come together to battle bad guys, each other, and their own feelings, someone’s bound to let their guard down. 
Review by FS Meurinne 
I received a copy of this amazing story, and after just reading the summary I was already intrigued with the story and looking forward to reading it. 
The story is about Chase Murphy, who works for CEP, New York City’s top-rated security agency, who is hired as a bodyguard to protect Julia Cooke, only daughter of one New York’s wealthiest man, Allen Cooke. Whom does Julia see as a total asshole dad, making Julia think that money is more important than anything else including her. 
As the story develops, you find that Julia has been attracted to Chase for a couple of years now, but haven’t found a way into his life. Meanwhile Chase, has been putting a face in order to deceive Julia’s advances in order to keep up his job. Loosing it will mean dropping law school, and that is not an option. Well, not until one incident that results in Julia starting to find cracks inside Chase’s wall and ultimately his heart. 
But this story is not only about two young adults falling for each other, the sexual tension that the author was able to build and project not only kept the readers entailed but also helped the characters to develop and grow. The author was awesome enough to give us different point of views, making this story way more interesting as you find out what all the characters are going through, specially Julia and Chase. Making them a couple that will be on your mind for a long time. On the other hand, you get mysterious kidnappings of New York’s wealthiest family members. Young adults are being taken hostages and never returning alive. Meanwhile Julia is being a bit naïve about everything that is going around, making it more difficult to Chase to keep Julia safe, which is his priority in his job and heart. 
You will not be disappointed, as there is a great plot, with two characters that you’ll fall in love with and yes, there is great sex in it. I’m sure all readers will be left wanting more of them and so it is good news this is only the first book in the series. Stand by and wait for the next. 
Being Chased is being offered for free on Amazon, so make sure you grab it now. 

by FS Meurinne

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