Between Never and Forever (The Hometown Heartless) by Brit Benson

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Most people get to heal from their first heartbreak.
But me? I can’t seem to escape mine.

In the beginning, there was Savannah Shaw.
Teasing me with a mischievous, merciless grin by day.
Crawling through my window with tear-stained cheeks by night.

I was ordered to avoid her.
Forbidden from seeing her.
But my need to protect her was innate.
So natural I never questioned it.
So visceral I couldn’t fight it.

She was the first rule I ever broke, and it’s why I lost her the first time.

Now, out of nowhere, there is Sav Loveless.
World famous frontwoman for The Hometown Heartless,
Hollywood’s newest up-and-coming film star,
and my daughter’s idol.

Her reputation for trouble precedes her,
but the celebrity who sets foot in my small town is no longer a girl in need of protection.
She’s a woman who has saved herself,
and this time, it’s my life that’s falling apart.

Maintaining the distance between us is imperative,
but everything about her pulls at every part of me.
My need to touch her clouds my logic.
My need to have her, to own her, to love her.

She’ll be the last rule I ever break,
but this time, it will be to keep her.


Between Never and Forever is an angsty and spicy standalone contemporary romance.
It follows rockstar, single father, small town, and second chance tropes, and has a guaranteed HEA.

Audiobook narrated by Angelina Rocca and Jacob Morgan


Category: Audiobook, Contemporary Fiction, Romance

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