Bump and Run (Branston Bandits #2) by Piper James

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Clean cut, all-American, hot as sin, and sweet enough to lick all over.

That’s how my friend Skye describes Miles Blake. It’s how I’d describe him, too, if I didn’t just find out the one-night stand that rocked my world is my best friend’s fiancé’s best friend…God, what a mouthful.

Now, the cat’s out of the bag, and despite the lingering attraction between us, I’ve locked him firmly in the friend zone.

What else am I supposed to do? If I allow myself to enjoy Miles the way I want to, what will happen when things inevitably go bad? We’d be putting our prospective best friends in the middle, that’s what. And I refuse to be the cause of tension between my bestie and the love of her life.

No way. No how.

But it doesn’t take long for the desire simmering inside me to come to a head. Miles is charming, funny, gorgeous, and kind…everything I could want in a man wrapped in a sexy package that makes my body revolt against my mind and its ridiculous decision to keep things friendly.

So we make a deal––we’ll remain friends, but with…ahem…benefits. Nothing changes outside of the bedroom, and when we end the physical stuff, we’ll remain friends. No harm. No foul.

It’s the perfect plan, right?



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