Penalty to the Heart (Puckered Hearts #3) by Ivy Fox

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Never fall in love with a client.
I care deeply for all my patients, but falling in love with one was never a risk.
My heart had closed up shop years ago.
As the Boston Guardians’ in-house therapist, I was perfectly content helping athletes deal with their pain and trauma, happy to see others thrive and overcome life’s obstacles.
I was content…until I wasn’t.
Everything changed when a devastating accident shattered the life of the club’s star goalie—Caleb Donovan.
I was tasked with saving him from his self-sabotaging ways and told to become his beacon of hope and savior in the darkness.
How could I have ever predicted that as I delved deeper into the tangled mess of his fractured emotions, I’d find that his broken spirit mirrored mine?
That his heart would call out my name in the dark, pulling me in?
On the hard, paved road to healing, Caleb changed courses on me, preferring my ruin over his salvation.
And now…my career, my reputation, and my very sanity are all in jeopardy.
In a world where love can be the ultimate downfall, do I have the courage to risk it all for a glimpse of happiness, or will I succumb to the shadows of guilt and fear that threaten to consume us both?

What can you expect from Penalty to the Heart:
– Forbidden Romance
– Reverse Age Gap
– Slow Burn
– Hero Falls First
– Strong heroine
– Tearjerker
– And a whole lot of ANGST!

Author note: Please be aware that Puckered Hearts is an interconnected standalone series. Though you do not need to read the first two books in the series to start Penalty to the Heart for full enjoyment, it is highly recommended you do so, as there will be significant spoilers in this book. If you love your book boyfriends a little broken and love a good ugly cry, this book baby is definitely for you.
Happy Reading!

*Penalty to the Heart is a hockey standalone romance with a guaranteed HEA.
*Recommended 18+ due to mature language and situations.


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