Cruel Offer (The Agency Series, #2) by Stella Gray

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I’ll make her the most desired woman in NY…but that means letting her go.

The Agency was always going to choose Piper-Lily’s husband.

Her father’s name opened doors, but he needed the money a good match could bring. Turns out, no amount of money was going to fix the Ponzi scheme he was running. Overnight, Piper-Lily went from my most anticipated client to persona non grata.

But she wasn’t willing to let her father’s mistake ruin her future. Not when she could force her way into my office and offer herself as my little project.

She’ll pretend to be my girlfriend until her value is high enough for an auction.

An auction that includes her first time.

So I’ll move the little princess into my apartment. I’ll take her out and show her off, buy her pretty things to wear.

But when I take them off of her later, I’ll have to keep reminding myself that she isn’t mine. That the lessons I offer will be used to please another man. That there’s a limit to what we can do.

No matter how much she begs for more.


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