Dangerous Fling by Crystal Kaswell

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Title: Dangerous Fling
A Dangerous Noise Series Standalone
Author: Crystal Kaswell
Genre: Rock Star Romance
Release Date: May 16, 2017


He’s her rock star crush and he’s offering to make all
her dreams come true…
Rock star Malcolm Strong is used to being in control. Of the
band. Of his feelings. Of the woman he has tied to his bed. He never gets close
enough to get hurt. He never wants to.
Until Lacey. The sassy brunette is working on the band’s
latest music video. Which means he shouldn’t be picturing her naked. Spread
eagle. Screaming his name. He doesn’t mix business and pleasure, but there’s
something about her quick wit and her soft curves–
Mal has to have her.
Lacey Waltz is dreaming. That’s the only explanation for a
six foot three, inked up, rock star s*x god offering to be her f-buddy. And not
just any rock star. Mal. The guy with the piercing blue eyes and the breathy,
tortured voice. The guy who’s poster hung on her dorm room wall for three years
straight. The guy she thinks about every night when she… ahem.
Friends with benefits sounds perfect. The last thing Lacey
needs is more heartbreak. But how is she supposed to be casual with the man
she’s been fantasizing about for the last four years?


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She looks up at me, her expression needy. “I… I’m not stupid. I know you
want me. And you know I want you.”
I nod.
I get that you don’t have relationships. Right now… everything with Adam. It’s
messy. I don’t want messy again. We work together. I can’t believe I’m saying
this, but I won’t give up this job for anything.”
don’t want to fuck me?”
no.” Her fingers dig into my arms. “I do. I want to be fucked so
badly.” Her cheeks flush. “I shouldn’t have said that.”
I shake my
head. “I fucking love that you said that.”
want you, Mal. God… I’ve… last night… so many nights. But I can’t lose this
job is yours. I don’t go back on my word.”
if this gets messy?”
still yours.” I drag my fingers through her hair. “We can wait until
after the shoot.”
All the
happiness in her expression drains. “That’s far away. Could be a month. Or
Fuck, the
need in her voice calls all my attention. “I don’t want complicated, but I
want you. I can’t fucking remember the last time I liked someone.”
high school like? You like like
It’s probably been since high school. “I want this to be a regular thing.
I want to show you so much fucking pleasure.” I drag my fingers through
her hair. “But you have to understand. There are no strings here. The
second either one of us wants to walk, it’s over.”
second this gets complicated, that one of us develops feelings—”
I nod.
She stares
back at me. “No harem?”
Fuck, I can’t believe it either. I’ve never had an exclusive fuck buddy. But
now is the time. I don’t want to break any more hearts. This is less
long?” she asks.
we leave for our US tour in October.”
until one of us wants to walk.”
She lets
out a soft murmur as she leans into my touch.
do you say, Lacey? You want to be my one and only fuck buddy?”
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Crystal Kaswell writes scorching hot new adult romance. When she isn’t writing, she is chain drinking tea, binge watching Law and Order, practicing yoga, or debating which fictional character would be the best in bed. She lives in Portland, OR with her husband.
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