Echoes (The Dolphin Prophecy #2) by Amy Evans

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ECHOES is the sequel to CLICKS, book one in The Dolphin Prophecy series
by Amy Evans. 

CLICKS was nominated for best new release at the UtopYA
conference for Young Adult and New Adult books. Five star reviews call it
fresh, unique, fun. ECHOES – book two of the Dolphin Prophecy by Amy

CLICKS are moments of divine time, when the universe stops to tell you
what’s going to happen next. They’re instincts, truths heard in your heart that
are completely unique to you.

ECHOES are reverberations in the spiral of time,
repeating lessons earlier generations never learned. They’re louder and more
dangerous than CLICKS, ideas that just won’t leave you alone. They repeat over
and over painfully til you listen, and cause damage if

Sixteen-year-old Cami got big plans for summer now that life on
Pinhold seems normal again. Days on beach patrol, surfing and training, nights
with her friends, swimming with dolphins, or in Blake’s arms. But instead,
she’s working nonstop to help repair the island from a series of natural
disasters, which won’t end til they can get the pin to stand upright again. The
Guard decides to accept help from an old friend who’s keeping his ultimate
goals from them. He seeks secrets that only Cami knows, some she hasn’t even
discovered yet and will hurt everyone she loves just to get the information he
wants. Cami’s forced into a race against time to learn more than any generation
on Pinhold, but she has to do it alone. Those she used to trust for answers
don’t have any more. If Cami cannot understand the echoes and stop history from
repeating itself, her failure will bring destruction far beyond Pinhold’s
deceptively idyllic shores.

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