Emerald Bruises (The Jewelry Box, #2) by Pepper Winters

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Buckle in and enjoy the second steamy book in the dastardly dark world of…The Jewelry Box.

★★★★★ I thought Ruby Tears was AMAZING but Emerald Bruises was OUTSTANDING! – I am Booked

★★★★★ Pepper Winters has crafted this story in such a way that it’ll leave you in a chokehold! – Danielle & her Books

“I made a bargain with a monster.
A vow to save both our lives.
I thought our commitment would stay true.
It didn’t.”

I’ve spent my entire life alone.
I’m well used to loneliness and the endless pain of having no one.
Sure, we made a bargain. We shared our secrets and made a vow.
But I warned her not to do one tiny thing.
One very important thing.
For a while, she obeyed me.
Until the night she didn’t.
And now…the connection we shared?
That alliance we forged?
It’s broken.
I’m broken.
And by the time I’m done with her…she’ll be broken too.

Triggers on every warning possible.
This is dark and will push every possible boundary that exists.
Be warned….



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