Fallen Princess by Marian Andrew

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Once celebrated as America’s pop princess, I basked in the glow of fame until a scandalous video emerged, revealing my illicit romance with my four bandmates. The media’s relentless scrutiny shattered my image, and my bandmates fled to England, leaving me to endure heartbreak and disgrace alone.

But that was only the beginning.

The night the scandal broke, I awoke in confusion, my memory blank, discovering five days were missing. Amidst the chaos, my stalker invaded my home, plunging me into a realm of terror. Seeking refuge, I vanished into seclusion for nearly a decade, shielding myself from prying eyes and haunting memories.

My ex-bandmates have resurfaced, eager to reunite and resurrect the music that once bound us. Yet, the threat of my relentless stalker still looms large. The idea of confronting these men who betrayed me is unimaginable, but the pull of music beckons.

Will I find the strength to confront my past, or will betrayal and danger shatter the fragile peace I’ve painstakingly built?

Brace yourself for a whirlwind ride through the highs of stardom, the lows of betrayal, secrets unveiled, and the pulse-pounding danger that awaits in the shadows.




Category: Contemporary Fiction, New Adult, Release, Romance

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