Ghosts of the Canyon by Michelle Mankin

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Welcome to the year 1969, a tumultuous year when the world and rock ’n’ roll were changing. Woodstock, war protests, free love, it’s all there, plus a rollercoaster romance that will have you frantically flipping pages to discover who this heroine chooses.

What Katelyn Love longs for most of all is a child. Someone to shower with the affection she never received from her parents. Haunted by a heartrending tragedy, she has to give up on those desires and her musical dreams.

Liam Hart is a big rock star. But the adoration of thousands of fans isn’t enough. He wants Katelyn’s love, for her to long for him like she once did, but he lost her and doesn’t know how to get her back.

Ryan Chance is a handsome and talented up-and-coming musician, the talk of LA Canyon. Just home from Vietnam, he arrives in Los Angeles, hoping to escape the pain of his past. His singular goal is to become a rock star. Success in the music business won’t erase his sins, but it’s his sole focus…until he meets Katelyn.

Two compelling men want to make Katelyn their own. One believes love means possession. The other doesn’t understand love at all, but he knows her.

Which one of them will tear down the wall around Katelyn’s heart, setting her free to live and love again?

Ghosts of the Canyon is a historical romance tapping into timeless themes that will surprise you and maybe even make you cry. Don’t read it if you are in the mood for a romantic comedy. But if you’re searching for a sizzling romance with lots of sensual tension that will slam your emotions and send your spirit soaring, step back in time with Katelyn, Liam and Ryan.



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