Haunting Beauty: The Mate Games (Death Book 1) by Meg Anne and K. Loraine

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One heroic act damned me for eternity.

With a name like Tor, I should have been a hero, just like my father and twin. Turns out I’m not. Not even close.

Instead I’m the very thing we hunted. A depraved monster.

I thought there was no escaping the curse. No hope for a future.

And then I met my mate in the unlikeliest of places: Blackwood Asylum. A place for criminals. Power hungry madmen. Supernatural outcasts. And her, the curvaceous writer who sees ghosts.

I’m not the only one with a need to claim her though and I don’t know which of us she’ll choose.

The dragon
The pirate
The lost soul
or me…the beast.

Dahlia was my reason for holding on to the last shreds of my humanity, but with every passing day I lose more of myself. And I’m starting to think that’s for the best.

With threats closing in from all sides and a serial killer on the loose, maybe fate brought us together because she doesn’t need a hero.

Maybe what my beauty really needs is a villain.

For fans of Supernatural and American Horror Story, USA Today bestselling authors Meg Anne and K. Loraine are thrilled to bring you another installment in the Mate Games Universe.

Warning: The Mate Games: Death is a spicy paranormal series with a cast of antiheroes utterly devoted to their heroine (even if they haven’t realized it yet). It contains a cursed Novasgardian berserker with primal energy, a dastardly pirate captain who deals in pixie dust, a possessive fae dragon shifter who is fond of hand necklaces, and a mysterious Southern gentleman who’d show her what he liked if only he could remember.

*Please refer to the author’s website for all tropes, tags, and CWs.

Audiobook narrated by Stella Hunter, J.F. Harding, Jason Clarke, John Hartley, James Joseph, and Samantha Brentmoor 



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