Heartless Villain (The Mate Games: Death #4) by Meg Anne and K. Loraine

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Captain Hook isn’t loyal to anyone, but I’d die for her.

Once I was a prince, then I became a lost boy, then their king. Now, I’m nothing more than a heartless villain.

Or at least so I thought. Until I met her. Until I had a reason for that husk in my chest to resume its beating.

I know I’m not alone. She’s worked her magic on all of us.

Her monstrous beast

Her vengeful dragon

Her merciless god

And of course me, her mad pirate

I’ve been trapped far from home, without my crew, without my ship. A captain with no purpose. But Dahlia is my port in the storm. She calls me to her and grounds me. Unfortunately, it’s not enough. With every passing tick, tick, tick, my madness grows.

How can I protect her when I can barely remember who I am?

Something dark is coming for us all. It’s been hiding in the shadows, but now it’s time to play in the light. And even without a compass to guide me, I’ll fight for her until the bitter end.

For fans of Supernatural and American Horror Story, USA Today bestselling authors Meg Anne and K. Loraine are thrilled to bring you another installment in the Mate Games Universe.

Warning: The Mate Games: Death is a spicy paranormal series with a cast of antiheroes utterly devoted to their heroine (even if they haven’t realized it yet). It contains a cursed Novasgardian berserker with primal energy, a dastardly pirate captain who deals in pixie dust, a possessive fae dragon shifter who is fond of hand necklaces, and a mysterious Southern gentleman who’d show her what he liked if only he could remember.

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