Hunted Beast (The Mate Games: Death #2) by Meg Anne and K. Loraine

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She’s everything I want, and I hate her for it.

Hate might not be the right emotion for what Dahlia stirs in me. But I can’t have her, so telling myself I don’t want her is the only option. Especially since my dog won’t leave her alone.

While I’ve been doing my best to avoid the woman I crave, my pup has taken on the role of her protector. He follows her every chance he gets. That’s probably for the best because there’s a serial killer on the loose and he’s got his sights set on her. At least, that’s what the ghosts keep saying.

With her beast out of commission it’s up to the rest of us to keep her safe.

Her fae outcast

Her rogue captain

And me…her reluctant shadow

As much as I should stay away, fate keeps throwing us together and it’s not hard to see the reason why. Dahlia is unlocking me piece by piece.

My memories might be slow to return, but my power isn’t. Since arriving at Blackwood it’s grown by leaps and bounds, bringing one truth into sharp focus. I need her, forbidden as she is.

She’s the light to my darkness and despite our differences our powers are clearly connected. If I have any hope of solving the mystery of who I am, Dahlia and I will have to work together to stop the Ripper before he gets what he wants. Her.

She is the key to all of it. And without her, I will never again be whole.

For fans of Supernatural and American Horror Story, USA Today bestselling authors Meg Anne and K. Loraine are thrilled to bring you another installment in the Mate Games Universe.

Warning: The Mate Games: Death is a spicy paranormal series with a cast of antiheroes utterly devoted to their heroine (even if they haven’t realized it yet). It contains a cursed Novasgardian berserker with primal energy, a dastardly pirate captain who deals in pixie dust, a possessive fae dragon shifter who is fond of hand necklaces, and a mysterious Southern gentleman who’d show her what he liked if only he could remember.

Please refer to the authors’ website for all tropes, tags, and CWs.


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