Kat’s Bloom: A Fairy Tale Retelling (Fairy Tale Realm Series Book 3) by Leslie Crowne

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An Adult Fairy Tale Retelling, based on the beloved tale of Puss In Boots!

A Palace Healer cast out of court after a mysterious death. A broken man determined to defeat the monster from his past. When their fates collide, they must work together to solve the mystery before more lives are lost.
Who would have thought their greatest ally would be a talking cat?


When my mother, the King’s Healer, dies suddenly, I am cast out of the palace without explanation. Devastated, and deep in grief, I find a new place to heal people—in the poorest part of town. I dedicate myself to my craft, hoping one day my innate healing magic will bloom, and I can be as great a Healer as my beloved mother.

Along with my best friend Barnaby, a cursed cat who can talk, I settle into my new life. But something about my mother’s death was strange, and I begin to suspect she was murdered. Then, Arlen Rust shows up to evict me from the cottage where I practice healing. I have nowhere else to go, and the people here need me, so I fight back.

I learn the brooding, handsome rogue has his own secrets. He also has particular knowledge of a muddy, soul-sucking creature that has been attacking the citizens. To save lives, we begin to help each other, and our chilly hostility slowly turns to friendship, igniting a fire between us as our attraction grows.

Once my enemy, Arlen has become my protector. After I’m almost kidnapped, we hatch a plan to get me into the palace so I can investigate my mother’s death and find out who wants me gone. It’s a risky venture for both of us, but so is falling in love.


I’m the wayward son, the bad seed. My family shunned me after my mother died, and I’ve a been drifter since then.
When I inherit a run-down cottage, my plan is to sell it as soon as possible and go anywhere else. But the woman occupying it is some kind of local healer, and she has the whole community rallying behind her. I agree to a temporary situation, never intending to become more than her landlord.

Now Katriel Symon has me doing things I never thought I’d do—like confessing my deepest secrets, taking part in a ruse, and tolerating that blasted cat of hers. I’m falling for her, when I should have been long gone.

I’ll face anything to keep her safe—palace guards, the wrath of the king, even the monster who shattered my life so many years ago. But the biggest risk of all may be losing my heart.

Fairy Tale Realm Series– All stories in this series are set in the enchanting world of the Fairy Tale Realm, where each kingdom has its own type of magic, and the Fairy Tales you remember are retold in an unusual way. Oh, and the romances are epic!
This book is for readers 18 and over.


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