Keres (Chicago Ruthless #4) by Sadie Kincaid

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Are you ready for the next explosive instalment of the Chicago Ruthless series. The Moretti’s might think they have it all, but there’s one more Moretti out there who wants to take it from them…

She was born in captivity and raised in hell. While her siblings lived in a golden palace and slept on feather pillows, Keres Sideris fought to survive horror and fear and pain. Until a faceless man freed her from the life she was born for.

Warriors don’t escape fear, they conquer it … those words were the only thing her rescuer left her with when she was just a little girl, and those words fortified her heart against the world.

But she isn’t a little girl anymore. Keres is all grown up and ready to seek vengeance against those who hurt her. Eager to make them pay for every single thing they took from her, and nothing and nobody will stand in her way.

Except Keres has no idea of the lion’s den she’s about to walk into. Challenging the Morettis means taking on far more than she bargained for, including getting on the wrong side of the two take-no-prisoners bodyguards assigned to keep an eye on her.

Keres is an MMF romance full of tension, revenge and a whole load of spice.

Please note, Keres has some dark themes including past SA of FMC as a child,
trafficking, as well as scenes of a violent nature.


Audiobook narrated by Angelina Rocca, Bradley Ford, and JF Harding


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