Love Hurts (Fire and Ice #9) by Tara Conrad

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Everything I ever desired was within my grasp. Until a fateful day altered its trajectory.
In a world where everyone’s struggling, I convince myself that I must be strong. Determined to maintain an appearance of resilience, I bury my emotions, shielding myself from their potential harm.
An unexpected rush of attraction overwhelms me when a handsome stranger, with captivating baby blue eyes walks through my door.
I have an instinctive desire to care for and protect him. However, I can’t help but wonder—would he be interested in an older man?
My life has been far from what one might label as perfect. It seems as if every choice I make is predestined for failure.
When the storms of life rage their fiercest, an unexpected opportunity arises, offering me the chance to start over.
But no matter how hard I try to do the right things, it seems as if the universe conspires against me. I’m dealt one suffocating blow after another. The voices telling me I’m not worth it grow louder until I can’t ignore them anymore.
Then he appears—the man whose eyes radiate gentleness and kindness. However, I carry a warning of trouble.
As much as I crave him, the painful truth is, I can never have him.
***Love Hurts can be read out of order in the Fire and Ice Series***


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