Mr Write Trilogy by Cassandra P Lewis

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Meeting Mr. Write (Mr. Write Trilogy, Book 1)

Rosetta Alvez is a romance novelist….The problem is she’s a little short on romance of late.
Ten months ago, Rosie was dumped in spectacular fashion when she turned up to her own wedding minus a groom. A bad case of writer’s block leaves Rosie heartbroken and humiliated with her publishers bearing down on her and she has to get out. She’s needs inspiration and decides to look for it on the other side of the world.
With best friend Pippa in tow, Rosie sets off for three weeks in Thailand in search of sunshine, relaxation and inspiration. But she gets more than she bargained for when she runs into the arrogant Jackson James, a travel writer with a lust for life and beautiful women.
The perpetual bachelor, JJ refuses to get close enough to anyone to fall for them, but Rosie has him hooked from day one. He fights an internal battle daily between the growing feelings for the beautiful red head and his decision to never settle down.
Will Rosie ever find the inspiration that she’s looking for? Will she get her man? Only time will tell which side of Jackson will win.

Me & Mr. Write (Mr. Write Trilogy, Book 2)

After a whirlwind romance, Rosie & Jackson are finding their feet…the question is, where will their feet take them?

Marrying Mr. Write (Mr. Write Trilogy, Book 3)

After a rocky few months of fighting to save her relationship, Rosie Alvez must fight for her life … What’s next for Rosie and Jackson? Will they make it through? Will they make it to the altar?

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Meeting Mr. Write:

  • Jack Johnson – Banana Pancakes (When Jackson starts to read Rosie’s book in Thailand)
  • Whitney Houston – The Greatest Love of All (Pippa’s 1st karaoke song)
  • Christina Aguilera – Beautiful (Pippa’s 2nd karaoke song)
  • Britney Spears – Oops I Did It Again (Pippa’s 3rd karaoke song)
  • Jason Mraz – I’m Yours (Rosie’s karaoke song)
  • James Morrison – Wonderful World (Rosie on the beach the morning after Presley’s)
  • McFly – Love is Easy (Rosie & Jackson’s date on the boat)
  • Morcheeba – The Sea (Rosie & Jackson’s date on the boat)
  • Massive Attack – Teardrop (Rosie & Jackson’s date on the boat)
  • Sia – Breathe Me (Rosie & Jackson’s reunion)
  • James Morrison – You Give Me Something (Rosie & Jackson’s reunion)

Me & Mr Write:

  • Danny Boy (Bernie in the pub, Christmas)
  • Don’t go Breaking my Heart – Elton John & KiKi Dee (Bernie in the pub, Christmas)
  • Club Tropicana – Wham (Kath at the wedding)
  • Jack Johnson – Flake (Bathtime in Glasgow)
  • Ginuwine – Pony (Strip Club)
  • Gett Off – Prince (Rosie in her bedroom – Jackson’s Birthday)
  • Read All About It – Emeli Sande (Jackson & Rosie’s weekend in)

Marrying Mr Write:

  • Can’t Pretend – Tom Odell (Rosie packing up Jackson’s flat)
  • Suitcase – Emeli Sande (After Rosie’s bad dream)
  • These Arms of Mine – Otis Redding (Jackson asks Rosie to dance)
  • Halo – Beyoncé (Jackson at Rosie start to make up)
  • I Won’t Give Up – Jason Mraz (Jackson at Rosie start to make up)
  • Last Request – Paolo Nutini (Jackson sings as he drives to the Lake District)
  • Swan Theme – Tchaikovsky (Rosie ad Jackson go to the Ballet)
  • Cry To Me – Soloman Burke (Rosie & Jackson make love at Rafe’s flat)
  • Billy Joel – New York State of Mind (Dancing in the kitchen)
  • Firework – Katy Perry (Matthew’s karaoke number at Pete’s)
  • Better Together – Jack Johnson (Rosie walking down the aisle)


I was born in Birmingham, UK in 1984, 1st June (same day as Marilyn Monroe!)

I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers, although 1 of my brother’s passed away in 1993. I have 3 nephews, 2 nieces and a perfectly healthy obsession with my dog Busby. I may or may not refer to him as my first born!

I love the faces of dogs, they bring me genuine joy. I love tattoos, loud music with a heavy bassline and alcohol … no shame!

Cassie x

Article posted in Mums in The Know Birmingham written by Cassandra P Lewis

“For as long as I can remember, I have loved to read. I revel in the feeling of getting totally sucked into a story, imaging a place and experiencing the lives of the characters. But more than that, I have always been fascinated by language. I love the way that some of the brightest pictures are painted with only words.
Like every little girl I went through various dreams of what I wanted to be when I grew up, a prima ballerina, a nurse, a pop star. But the only hobby that interested me enough to occupy my free time even as a child was reading and writing.

I was a painfully shy child and before I discovered the joy of writing, the only activity that I could lose myself in was dancing. But once I knew that I could write and I was good at it, it was all that I wanted to do. Through writing, whether it was poetry, stories or ‘newspaper reports,’ I found an escape. My work was something that I could lose myself in. I could fully express my thoughts and feelings without fear of judgement or reprimand.

As I became older, my creative writing skills were noticed in school and by my parents. My stories and poems were given high praise and this started to turn a hobby into a true passion, I began to believe it was my calling.

Spurred on by my Dad, who I’m sure truly believed that I was the most talented writer the world had ever known, my goal in life quickly became set in stone. I was going to be a writer.

Through my close relationship with Dad I started to find a love for sport, namely football, and was soon adamant that sports journalism was where I wanted to be. The only factor that I didn’t take into account was my debilitating shyness.

by FS Meurinne

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