My Forever by J.B. Mericle

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Single, twenty-six year old Emily is on her way to spend four days with her friend Annabelle, whose getting married. Staying at her friend’s house, she comes face to face with her first love, Jackson. After throwing herself at Jackson almost ten years ago and being turned down, she has given up and moved on. She has not spoken or seen him since the incident occurred. Her mission is simple; avoid him in attempts of not relieving the past.

Seeing Jackson, Emily finds the forbidden attraction she felt for him all those years ago, coming back. Not willing to risk her heart from being broken again, she fights her feelings. Complicating things, Jackson seems to want her in his life. Determined not to let her run away from him again, he pursues her. Will he succeed in winning her heart by overcoming their past? Can he give her more, can he give her forever?

Warning this book contains scenes of the sexual nature and strong language.


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I notice his eyes drop to my mouth and turn darker.

Unconsciously, I lick my lips.

When he spoke, his voice dipped lower sending a pleasant tingly sensation down to my nether regions and I cannot lie, my nipples hardened instantly.

“Keep looking at me like that and I won`t be able to give you the time you need.”

With that, he drops his hand from my hair and takes a step toward the island.

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Excerpt 2:

Throwing my bathroom bag over my shoulder, I open the door to the bathroom and run smack into what feels like a tree.

But it`s not a tree.

It`s hard, lean and warm to the touch.

Oh this can`t be good!

Slowly I look up and my mouth falls open when I realize I have run straight into Jackson.


“Hi,” he says.

My dear lord, I have both my palms flat on his chest.

Crap! Snapping my mouth shut, I realize I still haven’t responded.

I can`t seem to pull my thoughts together long enough to make a coherent thought.

Who can blame me, I can actually feel his hard chest under his shirt.

And it feels NICE!

Biting my bottom lip, I notice he is still waiting for me to respond.

“Um….” Is what fumbles out of my mouth.

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Excerpt 3:

Letting go of his shirt, I slide my hands slowly up his chest.

Feeling every indentation of his heavenly sculpted chest and broad shoulders, I wrap my arms around his neck.

He places his hands on my waist, moving them around to my back and my breathing picks up.

This is it.

Tipping my head back, he presses his lips to mine.

His tongue enters my mouth, stroking every inch.

I moan, pressing my body into his further.

His right hand slides up my back, into my hair.

While the other slides over my butt, pushing my hips into his.

I can feel his hardness at my belly, causing a moan to escape my mouth.

Lifting my hands into his hair, I bury them.

He pulls his lips back, sucking on my bottom lip.

The feel of his chest, his arms around me, his lips on me, I can`t concentrate on anything except dropping my panties and hiking up my skirt.
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J.B. Mericle is a freelance writer and a nurse on the East Coast. She resides with her husband and two beautiful daughters. In her downtime you can find her spending quality time with her family, reading books and divulging in her unhealthy addiction to eating chocolate and drinking wine.


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