Night Shift by Evie James and Craig Richards

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Broody, senior ER doc Atticus Thorin has spent years crafting the unbreakable walls around his scarred heart.

Samantha Sheridan’s escape from her past leads her straight into the arms of the forbidden—falling hopelessly for the one man off-limits to her.

Dr. Atticus Thorin is unattached and has every intention of staying that way. He’s built his life around control and emotional detachment, a fortress around his heart no one has ever breached.

Sixteen years her senior, Atticus knows he should stay away from the one woman who makes him feel alive again.

But Samantha, with her fiery spirit and untested naivety, tempts him to disobey his own rules…and covet the one thing he knows his wounded heart can’t have.

Samantha Sheridan’s fresh start? More like a dumpster fire! Leaving her old life behind seemed foolproof until she ran smack into Dr. Grumpy at her new job.

She thought moving to Tacoma would put her miles away from trouble, but apparently, trouble wears scrubs and loves to make her blood boil in more ways than one.

Chased by the sins of her father, her past demons come to steal her away in the night, leaving her nowhere else to turn except to the man who completely broke her.

Teetering on the edge between heartbreak and healing, will he be the one to catch her, or will he let her fall?

A sizzling, workplace, age-gap romance, Night Shift is the first in a new series of standalone romances featuring a trio of brothers who each must learn to tear down their walls and find out what it’s like when you allow yourself to break.

What you can expect from Night Shift…
Workplace romance
Broken Hero
Strong Sassy Heroine
LOL Scenes and Banter
Heart-stopping Suspense
HEA and All the Butterflies



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