Perfect Sin (Pretty Monsters Trilogy, #2) by Kimberly Carrillo

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I was a monster when I had nothing. Forced to be an assassin for a criminal organization, it only took a simple order to have me end a life.

Now, I have everything to lose. The woman I fought hard not to love, has become my entire world.

I might have taken Raven to save her from her father, but I’m keeping her for myself. Till death do we part. Vows we shared in secret may come to be more prophesy than promise, because I’ll destroy anything that tries to keep me from her.

It seems I’ll even make a deal with the devil himself to keep her. Damien has his own reasons to help me get back to Raven. For her, I’d give everything, even if helping him hurts my own flesh and blood.

I’ll have to decide, am I a monster or her dark prince? What I do know is she’s my salvation, and I’m her perfect sin.

Audiobook narrated by Nathaniel Gray and Phillipa Miller


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