Poison and Wine by Katie Ashley

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As the only daughter of a formidable capo, my existence unfolded within the confines of a gilded cage. At eighteen, I would become a pawn in the intricate game of power, destined to be wed to a high-ranking member of my father’s regime. My fate oscillated between my father’s grasp and that of my future husband. Fleeing was not an option; they would track me down relentlessly. In an act of both self-preservation and rebellion, I sought refuge in a local convent—the sole sanctuary untouched by the shadows of the mafia. Yet, before I could take my final vows, the devil himself knocked at my door — a devastatingly handsome blonde-haired, blue-eyed rogue. With an Irish accent that sent shivers down my spine, he declared me his future wife. No one had touched me; no one would. But despite my aversion to a forced marriage, an irresistible attraction brewed between us— for he was both poison and wine.


When I abducted a nun, my expectations were simple—she’d be submissive, pliable, the ideal mafia wife. Little did I imagine that the fiery brunette would wield a mouth and body I craved, both in and out of the bedroom. She was a means to an end—a marriage forged out of convenience, a strategic alliance with an enemy family to solidify our standing in the underworld. Tradition dictated that I claim her, yet the last thing I’d do is coerce her. She won’t be forced. I promised she would beg me to take her, and anyone who dared to touch her would die. For she was mine and mine alone.

In the unforgiving realm of the underworld, brace yourself for an electrifying romance pulsating with danger and desire.



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