Possession by BJ Alpha

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Rafael Marino is the epitome of a Mafia man.
Dark, destructive, and deadly.
Then he demands I become his nanny and tells me he owns every inch of me.
Beneath his darkness, he sees me for who I am—a broken girl.
Then he claims me as his little doll and promises to protect me.
But what happens when he’s the one I need protection from?
What happens when it’s him who becomes broken?
Rafael may call me his possession, but it’s me who holds the power.
I possess him, but this broken little doll needs fixing, and when he breaks me beyond repair, I’ve no choice but to break him too.

I need a nanny.
My son needs a mother.
I need her, a perfect little doll to possess.
And I refuse to take no for an answer.
As the heir to a Mafia empire, there’s no place for weakness, but the girl staring back at me becomes just that—my weakness.
My broken little doll I get to destroy, then piece back together, bit by bit.
What happens when my world becomes too much for her? What happens when she’s so broken she becomes irreparable?
What happens when it’s she who breaks me?

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Category: Contemporary Fiction, Erotica, Release, Romance

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