Roadside Service by B.L. Wilde

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When fate brings you face-to-face with what your heart desires, how can you ignore it?
Violet Weathers, the world’s top supermodel, is in Omaha, Nebraska for two weeks shooting a campaign for a new skincare line that she’s the fresh new face of.
When her car breaks down on the way to the hotel, she is rescued by a hot mechanic who just might make her stay in Omaha more bearable.
Excerpt (MA):
“Have you brought many girls here? Is this like your make-out spot?”
“No, you’re the first,” he chuckled, running his fingers through my hair. “Do you have any idea how beautiful you are? Any guy would give his lifeto be me right now.”
“I doubt that, Blake.”
“You, Violet, have so much light in you. I’ve never felt so alive before and I know it’s because of      you.”
“You can be incredibly sweet,” I groaned as he pulled me down toward his lips. My hands dug into the sand when he deepened the kiss, sweeping his tongue in to meet mine.
Kissing Blake was quickly becoming one of my favorite pastimes.
“I want you, Violet,” he snarled, snaking his hand down my back.
“Here?” I gasped. What if someone saw us? I couldn’t chance any paparazzi catching us and taking pictures. It would be on the front page of every trashy tabloid out there within hours. Something like that coming out could put an end to my career.
“No one comes here. It’s a secluded beach,” he purred, running his fingers up my legs. “Let me love you here, Beautiful.” I couldn’t resist him—I didn’t want to.
Blake effortlessly rolled us over so he was hovering above me. His lips began to move down my jaw while his hands continued their way up my dress.
“I’ve never had sex outside before,” I murmured into his ear as his mouth moved toward my neck.  
“Violet Weathers has never had sex outside?” Blake teased, acting horrified at the thought.
“Don’t mock me,” I pouted, slapping his arm playfully.
“I guess I better make this good then, huh? No pressure,” he smoldered, slipping his hand into my panties.
“Fuck…B…Bl…Blake,” I groaned, fisting the sand above my head as his fingers slipped inside me. “A little warning would have been nice.”
“Oh, you love it when I do this,” he mused, stroking my clit. “You’re getting wetter by the second. What is it, Baby? Is it being outside? Does that excite you?” I nodded frantically, closing my eyes as he began to really work my body. “Open the top of your sundress for me,” he said huskily. I did as he asked, quickly unbuttoning it and exposing my baby pink bra to him. “Pull the cups down, too,” he demanded. Blake almost had me at the brink already; I could feel my climax quickly approaching. Pulling my bra cups down, I exposed my breasts to him.
The moment he leaned down and sucked my right nipple into his mouth, I exploded around his fingers.
“Oh…God…Blake,” I groaned out into the open air.
“I love watching you climax,” he grinned from in between my breasts.
“You are very good at making me cum,” I giggled, watching him undo his trousers before tearing open a condom.
“I’m better when I use this,” he mused, gesturing toward his covered erection. Blake pushed my dress up around my waist, caressing my skin as he went. I wrapped my legs around his hips, surprising him by my sudden advance as I drew him closer to me. “A little anxious, are we?” he winked.
“I want to see what all the fuss is about when it comes to outdoor sex,” I countered, lifting my ass up slightly to feel the tip of his cock at my entrance.
Blake’s eyes turned hooded with a deep desire as he grabbed my hips and filled me in one swift motion.
“You better hold on,” he grunted, pulling almost completely out and then slamming right back inside me. “This is going to be rough.”     
“Ugh…yes,” I groaned, letting Blake take me to new heights as the sun caressed my skin. I’d never had a sexual experience like it.
“How was that for your first experience with outdoor sex?” Blake asked, doing the buttons on the top of my dress back up.
“Amazing,” I panted, holding my stomach as I tried to regain my breath. “Feeling the breeze touch your skin while someone is bringing you to life…I have no words.”
“Is that how I make you feel?” He looked stunned.
“You make me feel a lot of things, Blake,” I admitted, stroking his chin.
The air between us began to thicken before he finally spoke. “We should open the champagne,” he muttered, watching my lips.
“Good idea,” I beamed, stretching to get the glasses that had fallen into the sand.
The rest of the afternoon was blissful as we lay on the blanket talking about anything and everything, and occasionally getting lost in each other.
Excerpt (PG13):
By nine o’clock, I had given up hope that Blake would show. He wasn’t even willing to hear me out and I was furious! I couldn’t go and find him, either, because I had no idea where he lived. Fine! If that was how he wanted to be, I wouldn’t waste any more time thinking about him…or about his lips, fingers, or amazing body…damn it!
I decided a hot shower would help to calm my nerves, and it did a little. I wanted to order a huge bowl of chocolate ice cream, but Allie would kill me because I had the shoot tomorrow.
I was lying on my bed, watching a silly old movie and eating a grilled chicken salad a few hours later when I heard someone knock on my door. Blake wouldn’t dare turn up this late, would he?
After wrapping my robe tightly around my body, I looked through the peephole to see who it was. That jerk! Blake was standing outside, running his hands through his hair nervously. I threw open the door, livid that he had the gall to show up more than three hours after he said he would. “You’re a little late, aren’t you?” I seethed.
“Violet, look, I’m sorry. Something came up.”
“And you didn’t think to call me?”
“I had to go out on an emergency call and my phone died. I came as quick as I could.” Damn, now I felt like crap. Blake did look a little flustered.
“Oh,” I squirmed, feeling like a complete idiot.
“It happens from time to time. Drew had already asked for the night off to take Sarah out, and well…I got the request just as I was about to come and see you. I thought I could call you, but then I noticed my phone had died. I really am sorry, Violet.”
“Have you eaten?” I asked, widening my door so he could come in. “I just ordered room service. You’re welcome to help yourself.”
“No. I’m starving, actually,” Blake smirked. He would have drenched my panties with his look alone, if I’d been wearing any.
I sat watching him eat my leftover salad. It was lucky I hadn’t eaten all of the bread because he quickly finished that off, too; Damn, Blake really washungry.      
“Wow, you weren’t joking about being starving, were you?” I chuckled. “I can order something else if you’re still hungry.”
“That was fine, Violet,” Blake smiled, reaching out to gently stroke my cheek. “Thank you.”
“I have a fully stocked mini bar, too.”
“The perks of being a famous supermodel, huh?” he teased, raising his perfect eyebrow.
“I guess so,” I giggled, getting up. “What do you want? A beer?”
“Sounds good.”
We made small talk for a little while and Blake told me about his day before I filled him in on mine.
“What?” I asked when he laughed at me.
“Can’t you see how different our lives are? I’m telling you about oil changes and breakdowns, while you’re telling me about diamonds hanging from the ceiling in your latest commercial.”  
“I’ve had my fair share of breakdowns, too,” I quipped, sipping my water.
Blake sniggered into his beer bottle. “I can imagine.”
“Are you still angry with me?” I whispered.
“No,” he sighed. “Everyone knows who you are, Violet. I can’t believe I never realized it.”
“I liked that you were just interested in me.”



About the Author:
B.L. Wilde is a British author obsessed with many things, including heated love stories. Supported fully by her husband, she can often be found at her desk working on her next project.
Her journey into the world of erotica began when she started writing online stories over three years ago, and she hasn’t looked back since.
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