Royal Rumble (Love in Laandia #1) by Holly Kerr

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Prince Odin of Laandia and Lady Camille of Saint Pierre are getting married. The story of their whirlwind romance is sweet and swoon-worthy and completely made up.

I need a husband and the second son of the King of Laandia just proposed.
Sort of.
Because of some archaic, idiotic 18th-century French rule, I need to be married before I take over as ruler of my tiny island nation. And after Prince Odin’s quick exit from The Suitorette reality romance show, it’s obvious he’s looking to make a match.
The only problem? Ten years ago, Prince Odin broke my heart. And he just told the world all about it.
I’ve got to marry him, but I’m not in the mood to forgive him.

On paper, Lady Camille is the perfect choice for a royal bride. Smart, beautiful, ready to rule—but it’s the sharp-tongued temper and the tendency to hold grudges that has me worried.
Yes, we have a past, but it only lasted one night, ten years ago. And several—hundred—letters. I thought she would have gotten over it.
I thought I might have gotten rid of her letters before now too.
When I suggested Lady Camille as my bride, it was a good PR move after my reality romance humiliation. But seeing her again brings back memories I thought I’d forgotten

The wedding will be in six weeks, but will Camille forgive me before it happens? And what kind of marriage will we have if she doesn’t?

Royal Rumble is an arranged royal marriage, enemies-to-lovers, closed-door sweet romantic comedy full of missed opportunities and adorable dogs, sword fighting and snowballs.


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