Secret Offer (The Agency Series, #1) by Stella Gray

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We’ll marry her off to the highest bidder…but I’ll pay the price.

The Agency is an open secret among men of a certain tax bracket.

You need a wife who understands your lifestyle? We’ll hand-select options from the eligible daughters of men who’d love to cement a business alliance with you. Sometimes, the daughters don’t even know they’re being set up.

That’s my specialty: I run a Caribbean resort so exclusive it doesn’t even have a website, arranging meet-cutes between rich men and their future trophy wives.

I wasn’t looking for love myself.

Blair found me, brooding on a beach the week before my next client showed up.

She made me break my rule about never going back for more. Over and over again. Our one-week stand was hotter than July on the island.

And then my client introduced me to the daughter who doesn’t know he’s signed her with the Agency. The woman I’m in charge of setting up with one of the men her father has chosen for her.


Secret Offer is the first book in the Agency Series, an exciting new world from Stella Gray featuring intrigue, angst, top-tier tropes, and spice.


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