See Her (Turn it Up, #1) by Natalie Parker

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If you are new to this series, THIS is the book to start with.

The same love story…just told in a different way.

The same things happen…they just happen differently.

With brand new content, this story has been revamped. The emotion, the intensity and the HEAT, have all been TURNED UP!

An emotionally captivating rock star romance… reading Jack and Mayzie’s journey was an amazing love story! Highly recommend! – Goodreads Review

Romance here was done very well. You could believe that these two were meant for each other right from the moment they locked eyes. – Goodreads Review

She walks into his life and wakes him up. But he also shakes her life up as well. They are so good together, they are such creative people in their own way and so supportive of the other. It’s interesting to see two creative people in one relationship that truly wants the other to succeed just as much if not more than that person. Watching them fall in love was a thing to see. – Goodreads Review

Jack is a ROCK GOD with a heart of gold. And holy cow is he just everything. I love that he is reserved, sexy as all hell, passionate about his music. – Goodreads Review


A music label wants my band… I just want her

I never knew a smile had the power to change the course of a life…

Until she smiled at me and shifted my world off its axis.

My band? Revitalized.

My writer’s block? Gone.

My heart? Hers.

There’s no way I couldn’t marry her the first chance I got.

They said we were crazy, that getting married so soon was insane.

I don’t care. I love her more than anything.

And then my band gets the call that changes everything…

My dreams are all coming true, but what will the sudden rush of rock and roll success do to our new marriage?

It’s going to take everything to manage this new rise to fame and life on the road while hanging onto the love of my life, but there’s no question…

I’m not doing this without her.

Audiobook narrated by Celia Stone, Walker Williams


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