Severed by Vengeance (The Severed Signet, #1) by Elle Maldonado

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She was mine.
Made for me.
Born to ruin me.

I lived my life surrounded by luxuries, love, and attention.
While at the mercy of lies, death, and deceit.
I was tired of being just a pretty face.
The woman who always had to prove her worth.
When tragedy tears yet another gash in my heart, he was there to help mend my grief.
But there was a mystery hidden behind those alluring diamond eyes.
A whisper of ghosts and trauma from his past.
Red flags I knew I shouldn’t ignore.
Yet I couldn’t help the feelings blossoming within me or the fire that scorched my skin under his touch.
Derek Cain held promises of love and protection.
But what if he was who I needed saving from?

As a child, I knew nothing but hate and pain.
I was a soulless, unlovable bastard bred into a killer.
Bound by blood to the world’s most obscure and elite society of global puppeteers.
For years, I fantasized about taking revenge on the man who’d abandoned me.
And when his time finally came, that’s when I saw her.
His weakness.
Detective Evangelina Cruz was mine to taint, use, and ruin.
Until the lines of vengeance and obsession blurred.
And she consumed my every thought.
Though my secrets would destroy her, I’d bathe the world in blood before letting her go.
Would the love we forged in darkness prevail in the light of truth?


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