Taste Me (Immortal Vices and Virtues: Her Monstrous Mates, #5) by J.R. Thorn

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One word could kill them all.
That’s what I was warned about after the first accident when I killed my family’s allies. My powers manifested too young.

Powers I never asked for.

I can connect with the realm of the dead. My medium?

My voice.

And so I don’t talk. Ever. Not to anyone—except my sister, of course. She’s the only reason I’m not utterly insane after a lifetime spent hiding.

In the darkness.

In silence.

Under a shroud of loneliness with only the dead for company.

Until I meet them.




Three sinfully gorgeous vampires without a House who I don’t trust.

Because my words didn’t kill them when they came for me.

My time spent hiding is over, because now all of the Houses know about me.

And I can choose to run… or I can scream.

Taste Me is a spicy standalone romance with obsessively protective mates. These psychotic vampires will guide Ishara on a road of self-acceptance and forgiveness, but not before breaking down her emotional walls. There will be biting. There will be darkness. And there will be blood. Reader discretion is advised.



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