The Rebel: The Rebels and Redcoats Saga Book #4 by T.J. London

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Like father, like son . . .

April 1777

Alexei McKesson is a man caught between two worlds: the son of the disgraced former Duke of McKesson, and an adopted warrior of the Standing Stone. For the past two years, Alexei has been pirating ships on the St. Lawrence, and he’s never been caught until . . .

While spying on a meeting between the British and the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, three of Alexei’s men were captured and imprisoned in Fort Niagara to be used in negotiations with the Crown.

When he learns about a ship bound for the colonies carrying a wealthy heiress and a cache of weapons, he hatches a plan to steal the cargo and force the British into trading for his men. But Alexei’s about to get more than he bargained for.

Beautiful, rebellious Lady Wilhelmina Townsend is searching for her missing brother, and she would do anything to find him—even relinquish her freedom to be with a husband she does not desire. When her ship bound for the colonies is set upon by thieves, Will finds advantage in adversity and joins forces with Alexei.

Now they race against time to arrange the trade and find Will’s missing brother as enemies are plotting against them, those with a vested interest in sending her back to her husband and forcing the Confederacy into siding with the Crown. Passion ignites when these two rebellious souls collide on the American frontier, but ghosts of the past threaten to undermine their love, truths yet to be revealed, so dark and dangerous they could tear Will and Alexei apart.

*****TRIGGER WARNINGS*** This book contains graphic violence and depictions of war, graphic language, period-appropriate language, misogyny, violence against women, and sexual content.


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