The Treasured One (The Golden Children, #1) by Hannah Levin

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Forced to choose between loyalty and love…

Avery is a Golden Child with the ability to heal any illness or injury. She lives a sheltered life, dutifully healing hopefuls from around the globe. Although she dreams of freedom, she fears disrupting the status quo—that is, until her powers go on the fritz, threatening her health and her relationship with her government caretakers.

In search of answers, Avery travels through The Rift to the realm of the fae, intimidatingly beautiful beings with powers humans don’t understand. Their prince, Riel, has motivations of his own when he agrees to teach her about her rare magic. But as they work together, the two are drawn to each other.

Just as Avery manages to unlock the full potential of her powers, a betrayal shakes Riel’s House, putting pressure on the already tenuous relationship between humans and the fae. Caught in the middle, Avery and Riel will have to decide what matters most to them: loyalty to their respective nations, or their feelings for one another.

This debut novel from Hannah Levin will appeal to those new to the Romantasy genre as well as seasoned Romantasy fans who enjoy adventure and world-building, such as that in A DEAL WITH THE ELF KING and THE CRUEL PRINCE, and sweet, slow-burn romance like Grace Draven’s RADIANCE.


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