Under Your Scars by Ariel N. Anderson

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“If you’re so concerned about my humanity, Elena, then reach into my soul and find it, because I’m not sure I have any left.”

According to the FBI, I was considered a serial murderer after three kills.

What do they call me after fifty-two?

They call me the Silencer.

One final bullet would have been all it took to stop me from taking another soul, and I would have been doing Meridian City a service by pulling that trigger.

An angel crying for help stopped me, and that night, I took three lives for her. Then three turned into eight. Then eight turned into twenty. Twenty turned into twenty-one. Twenty one turned into twenty-three.

Elena Young is the hero in my story, but I’m the villain in hers.

And this is the kind of story where the villain gets the girl, even if it kills her.

This is a dark romance novel intended for mature readers only. Please check trigger/content warnings. This book does not have an HEA.




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