Princes of Legacy (Royals of Forsyth University, #9) by Angel Lawson and Samantha Rue

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Dark secrets. Missing girls. Buried Bones.

Forsyth’s Purple Palace is more than the home of the King and Princes of East End. It’s a place known for elegant parties, deep tradition, loyalty, and family.

But most of all, creation.

Rub away the gold and it’s nothing but a tarnished house of horrors built on the souls of its victims-and I refuse to allow my son to be next.

My Princes, Whitaker, Pace, and Lex, are good at many things, but knowing how to be a parent isn’t one of them. What they do know is how to create, how to protect, and how to draw secrets out of terrible men.

Right now, the man locked in the dungeon beneath the Palace’s floors is the most dangerous it’s ever seen: Our father, Rufus Ashby.

He succeeded in having me bred and impregnated.

He successfully broke his sons down, one manipulation after the other.

But what he can’t have is our baby, the future heir of East End. Our legacy.

Princes of Legacy is book 8 in the contemporary, dark, reverse harem, traumatic romance, Royals of Forsyth U series by best-selling authors, Angel Lawson and Samantha Rue. Please read the foreword or go to our website for all content information and details.

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