Touch Series by Cara Dee

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Look But Don’t Touch (Touch Series #1)
Nicholas Ford, a successful club owner in his mid-thirties, decided a while back to deny his Daddy nature in order to follow his family’s advice and settle down. The day before he is to attend his girlfriend’s sister’s wedding, he makes an appearance at his BDSM club and runs into Kayla, a bubbly Little Girl who captures his undivided attention. Look but don’t touch, Nicholas tells himself. What he doesn’t know is that Kayla’s in town to go to her cousin’s wedding…

Twice The Touch (Touch Series #2)
Mark Cooper is living the life of a carefree bartender, putting his failed marriage behind him and vowing to spend the rest of his thirties free of permanent attachments. But on what he thought was just another night at the BDSM club where he works, his friend Nicholas asks him to assist in a scene, a challenge he eagerly accepts. He doesn’t expect that Evangeline and Brayden, two subs in need, will make him want more. 
What he also doesn’t expect is that a routine family meal the next day will come complete with a surprise guest…

Touch To Surrender (Touch Series #2.5)
Brayden Zeagler accepted his bisexuality a long time ago and he has his girlfriend’s full support, but that doesn’t mean he has plans to act on it. With his strict father’s words going on a loop in his head, he tells himself he’s more than happy to keep his scenes with Master Cooper non-sexual. Brayden already has his beloved Evangeline; surely he doesn’t need a second partner. Then again, when deeper feelings get involved, it’s pretty difficult to stick with the plan.

Touch of Trouble (Touch Series #3)
Kayla’s book. Time to meet with with Nicholas ex again. More info coming soon.
Conforting Touch (Touch Series #4)

Coming Soon…

About the author

I’m twenty-six years old, born and raised in Sweden. I started writing on a whim in 2011, and it started pretty tame, but it has definitely changed! My biggest thrill comes from writing about the “forbidden.” I have very few limits, and you’ll find out that there’s no fade-to-black or anything like “too much information” in my world. Before, I could barely have a character say “fuck”, and now one of my biggest turn-ons is Daddy kink. Age difference–the man being the oldest–is another one, as well as BDSM. Extensive research, music, general smut, and reading are always sure ways for me to get inspired. I’m proud to say I’ve gotten my husband hooked, too. 😉 Although, he rather watches than reads! Hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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