A Reign of Storm and Madness by Lucinda Dark

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Enemies make dangerous lovers … or so they say.

I am not a chosen of the Gods, but a bloody tragedy of their choices.

I have endured worse than the Darkhavens. Torture. Pain. Manipulation.

There is nothing anyone can do to me that I have not already done to myself.

Ruen’s betrayal will not break me. Despite the punishment I receive, my goal remains the same:

Find the target.
Terminate them.
Free myself from the Underworld Assassination Guild.

It doesn’t matter if I let a single night of weakness bind me to one of them. I can’t let it matter. They’re all guilty in my eyes.

Before I am done, they will learn I am more.
I am the kiss of death.

*Please note this is a DARK Fantasy Whychoose Romance with themes of a dark nature, death of loved ones, and other various themes that may be triggering. Please check trigger warnings and read responsibly*




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