Dark and Lovely Mermaids (Broken Mermaids Book 2) by Julie Catherine

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Mermen. Monsters. And a lot of Manipulation. An at-odds prisoner (merman) and warden (mermaid) are about to set off to cross the deep ocean and end up running for their lives. Dive into the twisted waters of Dark and Lovely Mermaids, a forced proximity, enemies to lovers paranormal romance where the love is deep and the ocean is wild.

Ellara Merme made a bad deal. To save her friends and human sweetheart, she agreed to become a sea-slave, the lowest class in the mermaid world. It’s hell on earth, at the bottom of the ocean. A terrible choice. The only decision that’s worse is the choice she’s about to make.

The leader of the mermaids has offered her an out: Deliver the merman prisoner to Neptune’s army and all will be forgiven. No problem. Should be an easy mission. Except…

… the deep ocean is full of monsters itching to make the mermaid their next meal.

… plus she might be catching feelings for the merman she’s supposed to be delivering. Could he possibly be so charming? Or are there other manipulations at play?

With danger crashing on every wave, Ellara has to decide: should she stick to the plan and save herself from sea-slavery? Or dive headfirst into the waters of romance? Can she outsmart the ocean and resist the merman’s charms? Or will she end up making an even worse bargain to survive?

Dark and Lovely Mermaids is a thrilling, loyalty testing, romantic underwater adventure full of monsters, natural disasters and an army of mermen–an underwater story so enchanting you won’t want to come up for air!

Readers love the Broken Mermaids series!

  • “Mermaids and Mythology–YES PLEASE!” – Amazon Reviewer
  • “I loved Julie’s world building, it is phenomenal. I could imagine everthing clear as day.” – Amazon Reviewer
  • “Intriguing, fun, imaginative… This made me think of mermaids in a whole new way.” – Amazon Reviewer

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