Holding Out for a Gyro by Mary Ann Marlowe

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When it comes to love, it’s all Greek to her…in this delightfully funny and lively romantic comedy that’s bound to be a hit for fans of Kate Clayborn or Lynn Painter.

If you’re really lucky, you have a best friend who pushes you to do the stuff that scares you. We have this whole thing where we challenge each other to take some (calculated) risks and do everything we’re terrified to do. Of course, when you avoid love at all costs, that means doing the unthinkable: being vulnerable.

So for one night, I’m going to be completely and brutally real about who I am…to a complete stranger, whose mischievous and ridiculously dark eyes promise all kinds of trouble. I’ll open the darkest corners of my soul to him. I’ll admit I run from love. That I believe in mind-blowing sex, not soul mates. Hell, I’ll even tell him why.

The problem is that instead of running screaming—the way I (and any level-headed commitment-phobe) would—the hot Greek guy is actually intrigued. I shouldn’t want to kiss him. I shouldn’t want more.

But I do.

It was just supposed to be a one-off thing. Bare my soul, flee at the stroke of midnight, and never see him again. But FML, I just discovered he’s the genius chef at my favorite organic kitchen and is single-handedly responsible for keeping me, and my stomach, so happy these past few months.

He’s the perfect Greek hero.

The only problem is that when it comes to romance…I might be the perfect villain.




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