Sick Little Devotion by Teresa Wolf

| June 6, 2024 | 0 Comments

He promised to protect her forever. Then he disappeared without a trace.



Aiden swore he’d always be there for me. Then one day I never heard from him again.

My heart never recovered from his betrayal. I keep waiting for him to return and sweep me away from my creepy Uncle and abusive family.

Then he walks back into my life… and as much as I hate his guts for breaking his promise, deep down I know I’ll go running back into his arms.

I could never resist him for long.


I’m her shadowy protector… and I’m back to take what’s mine.

My debts are paid, and I’m a free man. The thought of Sahara kept me going in my darkest moments.

But I never expected her to hate me this much for leaving her.

I waited years to keep my promise and rescue her… and I’m not going to walk away now.

I’m going to make her mine.


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