Sycophantia by JJ Smeck

| June 6, 2024 | 0 Comments

In the hallowed halls of academia, Ryn McKee seeks the truth behind her mother’s mysterious past and her father’s untimely demise. As the daughter of a legendary professor, Ryn’s pursuit of enlightenment draws her into a web of forbidden romance and dark secrets. Torn between her growing affections for her enigmatic advisor—who may hold the key to her family’s dark history—and a passionate connection with a peer, Ryn must navigate a labyrinth of betrayal and desire to uncover the truth. But some secrets are not meant to be revealed, and Ryn’s pursuit for knowledge could cost her more than she ever imagined.

Triggers: death of a parent, stalking, dub con, fighting, gaslighting, manipulation, bullying, sensory deprivation, restraints, overstimulation, suicidal thoughts, cheating, masturbation, language, alcohol use, violence, drug use, murder, domestic violence, cancer.


Category: Contemporary Fiction, Release, Romance

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