Skepticism by LK Collins

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      It’s been ten years, and I live every day with the weight of regret on my shoulders.We’ve all done bad things, things that we are ashamed of. But those things make us the people that we are today. And today, I’m Liam Brown. When those closest to me were killed, I had to kill my former self just to stay alive. My real name is Micah Lomano, and I left my life fabricating a web of lies along the way to keep what I had done a secret. But I never forgot about Natalene, and now nothing matters…because I don’t have her.

                   After one fatal night rocked us to the core, everything changed.

I had everything I’d ever wanted: the perfect guy, a loving family, and more money than I knew what to do with. But in an instant, my world stopped. Somehow I’d survived, but I lost everything I knew, everything I wanted. Including myself. I knew then that nothing would ever be the same. I waited for Micah to find me, just like he promised he would. But he never did, and it was when I needed him most. So I was forced with a choice, one that I didn’t want to make: Raise his child on the run or give her up?

The decision wrecked me and what hurt most off all…Micah had no idea that I was pregnant. 


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Ten Minutes
 Micah’s POV

“He’s great, he told me to tell you that—” I shut my office door after ushering her inside and she stops talking. “So this is where you work?” she asks.
I nod my head and open my hand to her. She places the thumb drive in it, a triumphant gleam in her eye. Walking behind my desk, I insert it into my computer so it can begin the transfer and check the clock. I only have ten minutes ‘til my next meeting. She looks around the room observing everything. My cock twitches watching her so curious in here.
Not wasting another second, I let the computer do the work and press my thick dick against her. She molds her body to me, leaning her head back when I grind myself into her. Holding on to her, I work her cunt profusely through our clothes.
Kissing a trail across her neck, I move over to her ear, where I whisper after glancing at the clock, “I have about nine minutes ‘til my next meeting. I’m going to fuck you in that time and make you come real good, but I need you to be quiet. Can you do that?”
She nods her head and I unbutton her jeans, sliding them down her legs. Taking one of her high heels off, I remove that pant leg, but leave her other shoe on and the pants bunched at that ankle. Sucking on my fingers, I wet them and then spread them over her pussy lips. She moans a little, and I place a finger over her lips, pushing her back onto my desk.
Delicately she lies across the smooth cherry surface. Rubbing her clit back and forth, I work her with one hand and unzip my pants freeing my cock with the other.
“Eight minutes,” I say breathlessly and slam into her. She arches off of my desk and moans a little. I glare at her and she places her forearm over her mouth muffling the sound. Holding on to her hip, I watch my dick moving in and out of her. My body shudders in pleasure. I’ve dreamt of fucking her here so many times. Playing out this fantasy now makes everything really intense.
Glancing down at my pants, she’s so wet that it’s starting to get on them. Unbuttoning them, I let them fall to the ground. Needing to see more of her, I push Nat’s shirt and bra up, grabbing a handful of one of her tits.
Six minutes…dammit. 
Pumping my cock, I can feel sweat bead on my forehead as my ass cheeks tighten. I swear her body was made for mine. It’s so amazingly beautiful.
Placing my hand between her breasts, I lean forward, pushing us both to the edge. My entire body stiffens. Putting my head down, I hold my breath making sure that I stay quiet as I let go. My dick becomes rock hard the moment before I blow, and Nat writhes beneath me. I milk myself into her, giving her all of my cum.
When I pick my head up, she’s staring at me with her bottom lip tucked tightly into her teeth. I shake my head. We’re so bad. I can’t believe I just pinned her to my desk and fucked her right before my meeting.
But did we really have a choice but to celebrate our success? I don’t think so.
I pump myself slowly, loving having her on my desk. “Four minutes,” I whisper, pulling out of her. I hand her a few tissues and wrestle with my dick, getting it back into my pants. Tucking my shirt back in, I bend over and open part of what she downloaded.
“What does it show?” she asks, pulling her pants up.
“Nothing useful, yet.” She stands next to me slipping on her shoe and I hold her body close to mine. “There’s a lot on here though,” I tell her, clicking through the files.
“Do you think it has what we need?” she asks me impatiently.
“I don’t know, I hope so.” Leaning down I kiss her, knowing that she’ll have to leave at any minute. “This meeting shouldn’t take long, then I’ll call you as soon as I go through the files and let you know what I find.”
“Okay,” she says.
I kiss her again and a light knock on the door separates us. Vincent opens it and looks surprised. “Sorry, Liam,” he says.
“It’s all right.”
“Mr. and Mrs. Telish are in the conference room.”
“Thanks, I’ll be right there.”
He smiles at Nat, then looks back at me. Vincent leaves and she looks at me with the widest eyes. “You left the door unlocked.”
“I swear I locked it,” I tell her with my hands in front of me.
“Jesus, Micah.” She swats at me and I can’t help but laugh, grabbing her arms as she hits me again. “Someone could have caught us.”
“And it’d be worth it.”
“You are so cocky sometimes…”       


About LK


From bestselling author, LK Collins, comes Skepticism the fourth book in the #1 bestselling Life. Destiny. Fate. series. All though this is a series, each of these books can be read as a stand alone. LK writes an array of emotionally and sexy gripping Erotic Romance novels. She’s a lover of the oxford comma and everything in the writing world. Her stories are compelling and will draw you in from page one, and with twists and turns, she always keeps her readers enthralled ’til the end. When LK’s not lost in the minds of her characters, you can find her on the beach with her family, where her husband and writing partner, “The Prezident,” are sure to be plotting out her next tale. 



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