Sorcery and Stagecraft by Kristin L. Hamblin

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Three unlikely friends must work together to save their worlds from a prophecy unleashed.

While performing for her family’s troupe, sixteen-year-old Ricci accidentally discovers she can open portals. Wowing the audience with exotic scenes just might be her ticket to a home without wheels and a better life.

Too bad it sets off a long-dormant prophecy foretelling the doom of everyone.

When a portal opens in the fae realm and a human girl walks through, Lela’s world is thrown into chaos. She’ll never have her quiet life with the boy next door if she cannot find a way to stop Ricci and save her people.

Callen is at his wit’s end brewing a potion that will satisfy his master’s quest to open portals. When the Magnificent Menowin Traveling Troupe rolls into town with rumors of a girl whose magic transports you like you’re part of the show, well, Callen has to find her.

Their destinies are intertwined against an enemy they never see coming, but all of them have reasons not to trust each other. If they cannot set aside their differences and fears, the prophecy will claim more than just one world. Their choices will change the course of history.

Sorcery and Stagecraft is book one in the Sorcery & Sacrifice series, a young adult clean romantic portal fantasy, perfect for fans of coming-of-age tales, deep friendships, and good triumphing over evil. Although a standalone, for the best experience, it is recommended to read the books in order of publication.


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