The Fake Out Flex (Hockeymances #1) by Ash Kelly

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He’s a guarded pro hockey player. My brother’s best friend. My high school crush. And now…my fake date to my ex’s wedding. What could possibly go wrong?

After my breakup on live TV goes viral—yep, I’m Breakup Sneeze Girl, hi!—I cannot go to my ex’s wedding alone.

So my totally non-meddling—cough, yeah right—brother ropes in his best friend as my date.

The only problem is, Fraser and I share a history. He was my high school crush…until he left without even saying goodbye.

But that was seven years ago, and I am completely, one thousand percent, over it.

One fake date with Fraser? No problem. I can handle that.
Until one date turns into me being his fake girlfriend.

The more time we spend together, the more I catch glimpses of the Fraser I knew back in high school. Under his gruff exterior, he’s kind. Protective. Encouraging. He’s also got the most intense blue eyes and cutest smile I’ve ever seen.

And yep, okay, my crush is back with a vengeance.

Only this time, it doesn’t feel so one-sided. Fraser buys me my favorite flowers. He flies across the country just to check in on me. And when he gazes into my eyes, there’s something simmering between us I can’t deny.

But will Fraser leave again, or can our fake relationship turn into something real?

The Fake Out Flex is a closed-door pro hockey romance with plenty of banter, fast-talking friends, truth fries, the granddaddy of grand gestures, and a heartwarming happily-ever-after. It’s the first book in the Hockeymances series and can be read as a standalone.

The Fake Out Flex is PERFECT if you love:

  • Pro hockey sports romance
  • Fake dating
  • Brother’s best friend
  • High school crush
  • Boy obsessed
  • Cozy small-town feels
  • Chosen family
  • Closed door romance


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